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Making necklaces is a combination of many of my interests. I studied visual art, as well as hair dressing in Accra, GH after completing high school and both practices seem to provide tools that combine in the process of creating jewelry. Working with the silver and copper on the anvil, heating and cooling the metals, choosing color compositions and textures, weaving spacers and stones into the hair-like seed beads has brought my creative outlets into one focus, which has birthed Akweley Design.

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About Me

My name is Rita Akweley. I am a Ghani native with a passion for offering cultural African tribal jewelry sets, which are handmade using authentic Ghanaian beads.
I was raised in a culture of various colors, textures, and designs.

It is no surprise that I insist on using only the finest quality of authentic Ghanaian beads and materials for African inspired jewelry.

I relocated to the states in (enter year) with my wonderful husband and I couldn’t be happier in my new setting, though I do miss my home country.
Creating African beaded jewelry allows me to continuously embrace the cherished traditions of my native environment.

It is my hope that you’ll find the beauty that I see in each of my Ghananian jewelry designs, as they are truly created with love.

I look forward to creating something beautiful for you!

Sincerely yours,
Rita Akweley

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