Mens beaded pendant necklace


Mens beaded pendant necklace Mens jewelry designed with recycled glass beads and brass pendant from the country of Ghana.

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Mens beaded pendant necklace

Mens beaded pendant necklace, African tribal beaded necklace for men

I designed this necklace using African black recycled glass beads handmade in Ghana.

brass pendant hangs from this necklace making it attractive for all men to wear.

Recycled glass bead are handmade using old recycled bottles , the bottles are crushed into powder then bake in a clay oven at a really high temperature, all the beads are unique and beautiful.

My brass pendant is an adinkra symbol of the Ashanti people in Ghana, The symbol represents bravery.

Its a symbol of a warrior hair style, simple necklace but makes a statement as you can dress up or down with it depending on the occasion.

I designed the necklace to 21 inches long and finished it with my handmade brass hook and eye clasp.