African Statement Necklace, White Chunky Necklace

African chunky statement necklace, This stunning African eery for women is the perfect gift for her.

I designed this chunky statement piece using white agate in chunks and a glass seed beads necklace from Ghana.

This white necklace is beautiful and looks great on all shapes.

My jewelry are designed by me using Authentic beads from all over the world.

This chunky necklace has brass components, The clasp is handmade by me with brass wire, its a hook and

eye easy to use.

I called this piece African statement because its stunning and pops out when you have it on, its a piece that

you do not have to do much to look great with, all you need is a simple dress and the necklace will do the

rest of the work.

Every woman needs one or two  statement necklaces with her jewelry collection.