African Waist Beads- African belly Beads.


African waist beads.



African waist beads- African belly beads.

African waist beads are sexy belly chains for all women.

I designed my African waist beads using African small glass seed beads from Ghana.

The beads comes in lots of different colors that you can choose from, I also use a professional beading rope

for waist beads and finishes it with silver lobster clasp.

Some people make them using stretch cord but these are designed so you can take them off when you want.

African waist beads are perfect jewelry for men to get as a little gift for their partners, these beads makes you

feel sexy and beautiful, They are also call by most people belly beads as most ladies like to wear them on

their bellies for show.

African cultured is known for its fantastic beads, Traditional beads are worn by women and men and

children on special occasion, examples.. wedding, puberty rites, special ceremonies like.. tribal festivals and so on.




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