My name is Rita Akweley. I am a Ghanaian native with a passion for offering cultural jewelry sets created by hand using authentic Ghanaian  beads.


I was raised in a culture of various colors, textures, and design. It is no surprise that I insist on using only the finest quality of authentic Ghanaian  beads and materials.

I relocated to the states in 2005  with my wonderful husband and I couldn’t be happier in my new setting, though I do miss my home country. Creating Ghanaian jewelry allows me to continuously embrace the cherished traditions of my native environment.


It is my hope that you’ll find the beauty that I see in each of my jewelry designs as they are truly created with love. To see more, you can visit my website at http://www.akweleydesign.com/


I look forward to creating someone beautiful for you!


Sincerely yours,



Henrietta Agyemang